Define Your “Greater Than”

Making money is a “success essential”. To make money with independent, innovative scalability is a driving force in the heart of the entrepreneur. This possibility empowers the energies necessary to launch the envisioned startup. However, for sustained energy, resilience, and persistence, it is essential for entrepreneurs to “slow down” before the launch of the startup and clearly define the “greater than” purpose for their business. It is through this defining process that clarity for the startup’s mission and vision emerges. This clarity will anchor the startup for enduring relevance, capacity, and profitability.

For example, for us at SIMBA Global Startups, while it is essential that we always identify exit strategies through which the profitability of our own business is ensured – our “greater than” purpose is to provide support to talented indigenous entrepreneurs of Africa’s sub-Saharan region through which jobs will be created, communities enriched and families strengthened to experience life beyond a subsistence economy.

This “greater than” purpose emerges and is anchored in the heart of our founder Philippe, from the challenges, struggles, fears, and uncertainties of his childhood in the civil war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo. When provided with the opportunity to come to the United States, he experienced firsthand the power of entrepreneurship in the home of his sponsor, who had effectively launched a very successful startup in the construction industry. For co-founder Cheryl, this “greater than” purpose emerges from her childhood in the segregated South of the United States where she experienced her father’s ability to provide for his family as an educator and agribusiness entrepreneur through the hardships and disrespect from racism and social disparity.

This “greater than” purpose is why we chose the name SIMBA for our company. It is our desire to empower indigenous entrepreneurs with a mindset of courage, clarity, and strength as embodied in the lion, and as essential for the vibrancy and prosperity of their company. We are inspired by the name SIMBA which in Swahili means lion. Furthermore, this “greater than” purpose is evident in our name’s acronym SIMBA which declares our intent: Strategically (S) Investing (I) and Mentoring (M) Businesses (B) in Africa (A). You will also notice that the lion’s feet are partially on the continent, in alignment with our commitment to nurture a mindset in our indigenous entrepreneurs an enthusiasm for global impact and transformation as anchored in the continent of our beloved Africa.


Imagine and define your “greater than” purpose for your business.

Mentoring Moment

Jean Bosco Nzeyimana defined his “greater than” through his startup which solves the severe energy problems of his immediate community with clean-burning efficient briquette biofuel. Jean was born in his small Rwandan village, Nyamagabe. He was deeply concerned about the pervasive deforestation and trash which increasingly ravaged his village. As a result of his business, his “greater than” purpose is being realized as deforestation and landfills are increasingly minimized. Not only is the quality of life enhanced, but through his company “Habona” which literally means “illumination” – sustainable jobs are being created through which lives are empowered and economies transformed beyond subsistence standards so that the foundation for a thriving sub-Saharan Africa is realized now and established for tomorrow. (The Better Africa, January 24, 2019)

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