Grow Your Startup to Greatness

Distinguished author Jim Collins declares, “Good is the enemy of great.” World-renowned gymnast Simone Biles has embroidered on her jacket the letters “G.O.A.T.” No, this is not the kind that we enjoy eating. This acronym means “Greatest Of All Time”. When asked how she defines “Greatest”, Simone responds by declaring that, for her, greatness is defined by measuring herself against her highest performance potential. Greatness is defined as a concept of superiority experienced by a person, object, place, group, or organization (

At SIMBA Global Startups (SGS), we believe that great teams are essential for the enduring impact and profitability of your Startup. Given this context, the question immediately emerges, what does SGS mean by “great”?

We believe that “great” teams must commit to the following “7 Success Essentials”:

  1. Commitment to integrity where vibrant businesses will emerge as a model for credible and inspiring companies that are free from systemic corruption; 
  2. Commitment to encouraging all team members to unite their strengths on behalf of the startup’s maximum potential; 
  3. Commitment to esteeming conflict resolution;
  4. Commitment to growing stronger through crisis;
  5. Commitment to mentoring future entrepreneurs, for without a succession pipeline, there can be no success;  
  6. Commitment to exceeding external benchmarks; and
  7. Commitment to growing and exceeding the unique potential of your startup so that it grows into a G.O.A.T. – the Greatest Of All Time. 



  1. Identify seven essential business processes by which the highest level of integrity will be established and modeled for your community.
  2. Design seven actions that you will take to identify each team member’s strengths, and align them with the startup deliverables.
  3. Identify seven practices that you will use for conflict resolution so that concerns are objectively reviewed, opportunities comprehensively assessed, and esteem for team members intentionally affirmed. 
  4. Identify seven actions that will be implemented to ensure that your startup grows stronger through crisis.
  5. Identify seven promising entrepreneurs in your community that you will mentor as you grow your startup.
  6. Identify seven external benchmarks that you will meet and exceed so that your startup becomes profitable, scalable, and sustainable.
  7. Identify seven benchmarks unique to your startup through which you will become not only a greater version of yourself, but when achieved, you will become the “G.O.A.T.”  

Mentoring Moment

Godiragetse Mogajane, Founder of Goodie Tutors

Godiragetse Mogajane is the Founder of Goodie Tutors. Goodie Tutors is a tutoring agency that provides one-on-one university pre-exam and math exam-focused workshops for high school students. In the process of growing his business into a G.O.A.T., Goodie Tutors differentiate themselves from other agencies by offering sessions to students in exam-focused settings, thus enabling students to be more psychologically prepared for success.

Through Goodie Tutors, Mogajane creates math and science tutoring programs in his home town of Hammanskraal. Furthermore, Moganjane conducts math and science programs for students at the Uitkoms orphanage and the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club (S.C.A.R.C) in Johannesburg.


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